So You Want To Talk About Race

Ijeoma Oluo, in her new book, “So You Want to Talk About Race,” she says, “As a Black Woman, race, my race, has been one of the most defining forces in my life. But it is not something I always talked about, certainly not the … read more.

The Potential of Possibility

Following the stress of the winter holiday season, the feeling of newness and excitement can sometimes be difficult to come by. Let’s explore Possibility as potential energy, and the difference between Possibility and Expectation.


Guest Worship Leader Rev. Kali Fyre is the minister of … read more.

Trusting Goodness

Moral philosopher Martha Nussbaum says trusting goodness is what makes you human and that in your trust, in your openness to be exposed, you are like a plant, both beautiful and fragile. How in these uncertain times can we trust goodness, in all its fragility? … read more.

Speaking the Truth With Love

Every Sunday, we pledge to “speak the truth with love” in our unison covenant. I hear these words sometimes used in difficult conversations, and I appreciate their honesty. And I wonder what more is being asked of us if we are to live into this … read more.