Holding On and Letting Go

The job of an interim minister, Mark says, is to fall in love with the congregation — and then, when it is time to say goodbye, say goodbye. Yet there will be things to hold on to as well as things to let go of. This will be Mark’s final sermon and farewell at our church.

Spiritual Friendship

Writer David Whyte says that “the ultimate touchstone of friendship is witness, the privilege of being seen by someone and the equal privilege of seeing the essence of another. To walk and believe in someone on a journey impossible to accomplish alone.” Spiritual friendship is a long held expression in our faith. Come and renew yourself in the possibilities and the power of spiritual friendship.


According to the HeartMath Institute we have two major clusters of neurons in addition to the brain, one in our intestines-our gut knowing, and the other in the cardiac sack-our heart knowing. Scientist Peter Senge says that with practice these come together in a quality of presence that inspires and energizes. Join us for a worship service for all ages as we explore the practice of presence together.