Coming-Out Still Matters

In the words of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, “coming out and living openly as someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-gender conforming is an act of bravery and authenticity that calls for something from straight and thoughtful allies.” This service honors the act of coming out whether it be as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-gender conforming or allied. Join us!

Sharing Our Stories

Facilitated by Carol MacFarlane. Sharing our stories not only connects us to one another but is also deeply enriching, as we take note of differences and similarities with our own life’s journey. Five members of Carol MacFarlane’s “Weaving the Stories of Our Life Journey” group (John Read, Alice Rennie, Imre Toth, Naomi Newell, and Carol) will share excerpts from the stories they have written
over the past year.

Partners In Love

An Animal Blessing Service, Reverend Jill Cowie and Daniel Payne, Director of Religious Education. In honor of St. Francis Day, please bring your animal friend(s) to church for a blessing of love and long life. Bring a picture of beloved animal friends of memory and bring your favorite stuffed animal too for an engaging service for all ages.