This comprehensive sexuality education program brings faith to a subject that is often misrepresented in our culture. Straight answers and information are provided in an environment that nurtures self-respect and caring for others. Human sexuality is presented as a natural part of life which carries with it rights and responsibilities. In an inclusive and developmentally appropriate manner, it addresses many topics often excluded. It is intended to help youth gain knowledge, values and skills to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives.

Written by the UUA and UCC, this is a nationally recognized program.

Although there is no formal OWL for our 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, the UUA and UCC have pulled together guidelines in an article, “When You Can’t Do OWL—Do This!” I’m providing the link for your information. There are also links to curated resources and the OWL Newsletter (free) that support youth self-learning and parents and caregivers as sexuality educators. With an interested parent group and help from formerly trained OWL volunteers, the RE Committee and I may be able to do more. Please let us know if you are interested. When You Can’t Do OWL