Topic: Sanctuary

Life: The Great Experiment


Two hundred years after his birth, when we think of Henry David Thoreau, we think “nature,” and some of us think “social justice.” Yet his defense of both, sprang from the same roots. He found society in nature and he found nature everywhere, especially … read more.

Call to Be a Present Day Abolitionist


So often we think of Mexico and “the wall” when talking about immigration. Tragically, ICE operates without constraint within 100 miles of any border including the coast, imprisoning thousands without due process. We live in the borderlands and the call for sanctuary is sounding. … read more.

Equinox: a Vision of Balance

Come celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, and explore our place in nature’s cycles of light and darkness. From the astrophysical to the personal, between literal and metaphorical, how can we nurture and practice balance in ourselves, out community, and the larger world?