Chancel Decorations

By volunteering to provide chancel decorations, you are honoring our church covenant to “celebrate together our traditions and our lives, with all their sorrows and joys.”

Typically, the chancel decoration is a floral arrangement. Many donors are expanding on this concept by artfully arranging other objects on the chancel table. This may be an art piece such as a painting or sculpture. An arrangement of non-floral, natural items such as shells, stones, pinecones, or branches is another option.

If you are purchasing flowers from a florist
☐ Average costs of purchased flower arrangements are $35 to $50.
☐ Average costs of purchased and delivered flowers is $45 to $60.

Delivery options
☐ Florist delivery is usually on Saturday. Arrangements must be made with Elinor Stapleton at 978-456-8752 to make sure the church is open.
☐ You may bring them in yourself on Sunday morning at least 20 minutes before the service begins.

Container options
☐ Bring your own.
☐ Use a church vase located in the room to the right of sanctuary. These containers may not leave the church.

☐ If you want a written dedication for your decorations, please send the text to Elinor Stapleton at by 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning in order for it to be printed in the Order of Service or Chalice Chat..

After church options
☐ Take the flowers with you.
☐ Donate them to the Caring Committee to bring to a church member in need. Please pre-arrange by contacting the Caring Committee.