Speaker: The Worship Team

Dedication (re-dedication)

The HUUC Worship Team and Jeff Lowe present: Dedication (re-dedication), commitment, purpose, perseverance, adherence, allegiance, devotion, devotedness, and single-mindedness. So many words to embrace this idea. Are you dedicated to a person? A community? An idea? A cause? A spirit?

Services are in-person in the sanctuary … read more.

MLK Sunday

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle”-MLK

Join us for a service inspired by the vision and life of Martin Luther King Jr, to rekindle our inner flame, in the pursuit of justice; the deepening of knowledge … read more.

Perspectives on Wholeness

We will finish out the month of April still considering what it means to be a people of wholeness. This time we will focus on what is wholeness from a Hindu perspective. We will be joined by our friend Neelkanth Mishra. Along with a few … read more.

Release and Redeem

A time to let go — and a time to look forward. The turning of the year presents the perfect time for reflection on the year that is ending and the year that is about to begin. Our worship will include a Fire Ceremony as well as an opportunity to plant our past joys and hopes for the future.