Speaker: The Worship Committee

Letting Go, Listening In

Let go of the old year and welcome the new as the Worship Committee leads us through a bright and collaborative service. Danielle Kehoe will share her gifts of music.

Services are in-person in the sanctuary and online via the Zoom link below –

Virtual … read more.

Connectivity and Signal Strength

The Transcendentalist concept of humans, God, and personal responsibility was not different from ours. They were reformers with a beautiful concept, facing the same discontents as we: Acute needs, time that moved too slowly, action that felt insufficient, and consequences that would be dire. Connectivity … read more.

Memorial Weekend Worship

Our Memories and Our Stories- Come share in this special service of remembering- members of our UU community will share stories of this past year; the emotional journeys, the discoveries, the losses and the small joys. How do we touch two places at once in … read more.

Integrity and Wholeness

Join the Worship Committee as we continue to explore what it means to be a people of Integrity. There are many facets to the concept of
Integrity. It’s certainly in the news. Today we will examine integrity as wholeness: we examine the wholeness of Self; … read more.

Letting Go of Expectations

As we come to the end of September’s worship focus on Expectations, we will explore what it means to let go of some of our expectations. Led by members of the Worship Committee, this Sunday we ask: can we, should we and what does it … read more.