Speaker: Rev. Jill Cowie

Becoming Practically Imperfect


Author Brene Brown says, “Perfectionism is a self- destructive belief system that says, ‘If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.’” This is self-destructive. On the other hand, learning to be … read more.

A Thirst For Goodness


Mary Oliver writes in her poem Thirst, “Another morning and I wake with thirst for a goodness I do not have.” Her beloved partner of forty years had just died. Philosopher Martha Nussbaum says the condition of being good comes from trusting a life … read more.

Speaking the Truth With Love


Every Sunday, we pledge to “speak the truth with love” in our unison covenant. I hear these words sometimes used in difficult conversations, and I appreciate their honesty. And I wonder what more is being asked of us if we are to live into … read more.

Climate Change!


A 2015 poll conducted by Yale revealed that two thirds of American voters think that global warming is happening, yet two-thirds of Americans rarely or never discuss it. Mea Culpa, I am one of them. I haven’t preached on climate change in three years. … read more.

In Between


Come to honor the ending of this year and to welcome the New Year. This is an all ages worship service of reflection and ritual that honors all that is present for you in this in-between moment.

Reading, poem by Pema Chodron

It takes some training … read more.

Get Some Sleep


We give this advice hoping that sleep will provide sanctuary and restoration. And yet, rest is often elusive and our dreams are perplexing. Sleep consumes roughly one-third of our lives, but how well do we understand it and how does it relate to our … read more.