Speaker: Rev. Jill Cowie

Celebrating Our Community

On Sunday we gather in person and outside to celebrate our perseverance and caring presence we have nurtured during the last 15 months. In particular we want to bless the families for their endurance and on-going participation in our church since zoom worship has not … read more.


On this day we come together to not only to worship but to be stewards of our church in our annual business meeting that follows. To remind ourselves as we do that the reason this church exists is to call forth courageous and transformative ministries … read more.

Real Life: Practicing Radical Acceptance

“Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt—marvelous error!— that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.” These words by the poet Anthony Machedo highlight the truth that … read more.

Feeding Each Other

The Sufi Poet Hafiz writes, “why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye that is always saying, with that sweet moon language, what every other eye in the world is dying to hear? He is urging us, as … read more.

How Can I Help?

Catholic theologian J.M. Nouwen once said: “Every human being has a great, yet often unknown gift; to care, to be compassionate, to become present to the other; to listen, to hear; and to receive. If that gift would be set free and made available, miracles … read more.

Tending the Sprouts of Change

Pete Seeger once said, “The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.” So true! There is a new story unfolding. A regenerative one in which humanity’s social and economic structures and practices are … read more.