Speaker: Rev. Jill Cowie


In this mid-February service we will explore some of the concepts in Katherine May’s book Wintering and how we can relate to and benefit from these ideas, both collectively and individually as we enter our 3rd year of the pandemic.

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Holy Emptiness: Our Spirit’s Home

Breathe, just breathe. Nothing else to do at this very moment. No where else to be but right here. Just be, breathe in love and breathe out peace. Feel that space some theologians call holy emptiness. The free space of renewed possibility, … read more.

Keepers of the Flame

Hanukkah, the celebration of light, honors the ancient miracle of how one day of oil burned for 8 days as the Maccabees reclaimed their temple. We too have kept the oil burning through these years of Covid and it feels a bit like a … read more.


A renowned truth in many spiritual traditions is if you are grateful then even in the most challenging of circumstances you will be able to recognize the many gifts that you are receiving. Come for a worship service that invites and honors the practice … read more.

The Alchemy of Compassion

The alchemy of compassion is this mindful awareness of suffering, letting ourselves be touched. Letting the winds blow through. And then actively responding with care. Come and honor the culture of care we cultivate as we launch our Stewardship campaign, “Caring For Community.” … read more.

Being the One Who Knows

How can the power of awareness cultivate consciousness in your life? How can you extend this as a gift to our congregation? Questions to ponder as we dedicate ourselves to youth in this service.

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