Speaker: Rev. Jill Cowie

The Missing Principle

Paula Cole Jones – a UU director for racial and social justice – realized that a person can believe they are being a “good UU” by following the 7 Principles without thinking about or dealing with racism and other oppressions. She decided an 8th Principle … read more.

Stillness, Solitude, and Silence


The late mystic John Donahue said, “Your trust in your inner belonging radically alters your outer belonging.” He goes on to say, “unless you find belonging in your solitude, your external longing will remain needy and driven.” During this more contemplative worship we will … read more.

Planting Seeds, Changing Lives


Cultures and religions around the world celebrate and honor the time in the lives of their youth when they embark on their own quest of truth and meaning. For us, we dedicate ourselves to walking with the youth during this time, listening, reflecting, and … read more.



In anticipation of the Jewish High Holy Day, we will explore the practices of forgiveness, and the possibility of saying yes to the fullness of life.

Creating the Spirity of Expectancy


In her 2016 Ware Lecture, Brittney Packnett asked the Unitarian Universalists at General Assembly, “Do you know what your neighbors in your faith community expect of you? She challenged all of us that day to use everything you got to meet and exceed those … read more.

Ingathering Celebration

This year, several youths and their parents join Laura and I in bringing to life the joy of connection and the power of hope we experience in our faith community. As water as our metaphor we will enact a story, offer reflections, hold each other … read more.

Being a People of Beauty

Here at HUUC, we build relationships that brings beauty into our lives. Our Soul Matters ministry groups in particular create the intentional space to discover beauty anew. Seeing it in another we find it in ourselves. During this service, several Soul Matters participants will reflect … read more.

Memorial Day Sunday

Chris Hedges says “War is a force that gives us meaning.” Join us and share in the meaning making of our very own Imre Toth who traveled to Vietnam this year to revisit the places he served as a medical doctor for the … read more.

A New Way of Being


UU minister Victoria Safford says, “The awakened eye is a conscious eye, a willful eye, and brave, because to see things as they are, each in its own truth, will make you very vulnerable. An eye that invites a kind of curiosity with the … read more.