Rev. Jill Cowie

The Democracy Principle

a sermon by Rev. Jill Cowie


This sermon lifts up the importance of democracy itself and is inspired by the energy of our Social Justice Ministry Council members to engage District Three candidates in conversations that emphasize our progressive values. The sermon will explore the … read more.

A Ministry Towards the World

a sermon by Rev. Jill Cowie


Religious educator Maria Harris once said, “Religious education is the whole community religiously educating the world to engage in a ministry towards the world.” This sermon and service will honor this call of religious education as central to our … read more.

450 Years of Religious Freedom

a sermon by Rev. Jill Cowie


Religious freedom is at the heart of Unitarian Universalism. It has deep roots in our history, connecting us to Unitarian King John Sigismund and to the Unitarianism of 16th century Transylvania (now part of Romania). This Sunday’s sermon … read more.

Luck, Happiness, and Faith

In a public discourse dominated by the culture of control, Jackson Lears suggests in his book, Something for Nothing: Luck in America, a culture less intent on the individual’s responsibility to master destiny might be more capacious, more generous, and more gracious. He says, “Its about chance confirming everything you knew but could make no place for in your life.” Join John Chapman and I as we explore in prose and music how the confluence of luck, happiness, and faith can create a distinctly different culture than what our Puritan ancestors anticipated.

The Doubt Essential to Faith

a sermon by Rev. Jill Cowie


Agnostic Jew Lesley Hazleton, author of a 2013 biography of Muhammad, was struck by Mohammed’s doubt on the night he received the revelation of the Koran. And yet this experience became the bedrock of his belief. This sermon … read more.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Come as we tell the Christmas story in song and prose, with a short homily, ending with a beautiful ritual of passing the light. A pre-service concert will begin in the sanctuary at 4:30.

Solstice Service

A big part of recent Solstice services has been traditional sword dancing and mummers plays (Mummers Play) written and directed by our own Marc Vilain. This year members of Cosmix and Building Bridges have once again combined forces to bring you an updated play, as zany and full of antics and dancing as any that have gone before.

Families of the Heart

Often this month is hard as it brings so many different memories of family. I find hope in Andrew Solomon’s words, “if the physical and psychic place to which you were born wants no more of you, an infinitude of locales of the spirit beckons.” What he is saying is that when families to which we are born are not welcoming, or change over time, we can find families of the heart, places of belonging, of rebirth. My sermon tells my story of such a journey and invites you to ponder yours.

Music Sunday and Hope

This Music Sunday there will be a performance of Daniel Pinkham’s Christmas Cantata and a sermon on Hope by Rev. Jill Cowie

Brian D. McLaren writes, “Politicians compete for higher offices, business tycoons scramble for bigger pieces of the pie, armies march and scientists study, preachers preach, and laborers sweat. But in that silent baby, lying in the humble manger, there pulses more potential power and wisdom and grace and aliveness than all the rest of us can imagine. Come listen as our choir lifts this truth in melody in this most beautiful cantata that will be embellished with advent readings and a sermon on hope.

Saying Thanks

More and more I think that a spiritual life begins with being receptive. And being receptive includes noticing all that is given to us. Meister Eckhart said that “If you only say one prayer in your whole life, let that prayer be thank you.” Join … read more.