Speaker: Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer

Our guest speaker today will be Matt Meyer

Matt is a modern circuit-rider, bringing a model of embodied and heartfelt worship to congregations across the country. Matt’s services inspire congregants to a new relationship with each other and with our shared purpose of love and justice. … read more.

Music is Our Sanctuary

Music gives us enduring power to learn about ourselves and each other. When music is the vehicle for transcending the material world and exploring our spiritual sanctuaries, we start to build the kind of Beloved Community we know in our hearts to be possible. Let’s … read more.

A Song Heard Round the World

When daily life can leave us feeling isolated or struggling to find connection, the music we love can be an antidote. Our music tells the story of how we are bound up together, the story of our connectedness. Join us for a service of song … read more.