Speaker: David Rynick

Dreaming into the Year to Come

Though the world is indeed beyond our control, our thoughts and dreams have extraordinary power to shape the circumstances of our lives. How do we balance the life of our imaginations with the sometimes painful realities we encounter around us? How can dreaming both guide … read more.

The Spiritual Practice of Hospitality

William James once said that our actions are our vote for the kind of world we want to live in. In this time of deep uncertainty, how do we continue to vote for a world of acceptance and appreciation rather than division and disturbance? Though there is much that is our of our control, in each moment we have the possibility of choosing connection and love – with ourselves, with each other and with the world itself.

Dark Secrets

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None of us are completely honest – with ourselves, with our partners, or with each other. Fortunately, most secrets are harmless. But there are other secrets, dark secrets that pull us into their orbit and recruit us into a silence that diminishes us … read more.