Speaker: Daniel Payne

RE Sunday

Everyone is invited to the RE Sunday worship service on June 3. The service will be held in Sutherland Hall. We will be thanking our RE volunteers, hearing the beautiful junior choir voices, and working collaboratively on a project designed to make good use of … read more.

A Ministry Towards the World

a sermon by Rev. Jill Cowie


Religious educator Maria Harris once said, “Religious education is the whole community religiously educating the world to engage in a ministry towards the world.” This sermon and service will honor this call of religious education as central to our … read more.

Summer Service

Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church is honored to help plan this year’s Joint Summer Service on August 6. The theme of this year’s service will be “Great Freedom, Great Responsibility,” focusing on inclusivity and the free, but respectful, exchange of varying – and sometimes, opposed – ideas. Daniel Payne, the Director of Religious Education at Harvard, and Ted Johnson, the Music Director at Harvard, will be the service leaders. Weather permitting, there will be refreshments outside following the service. The service will be held at the First Parish Church Stow/Acton, 353 Great Road Stow, Massachusetts 01775. Childcare will be provided.

Why We Don’t Need More Volunteers

The May 21 worship service is a celebration of Religious Education. Daniel will be preaching, the Jr. Choir will be singing, and we will be recognizing the dedication of all our RE teachers this year. Service will be held in the Fellowship BuildingWorship in the Fellowship Building followed by the Annual Congregational Meeting also in the Fellowship Building.

“As-salāmu ‘alaykum”

“As-salāmu ‘alaykum” is a common greeting among Muslims, meaning “Peace be with you.” It is an Arabic phrase, but Muslims from around the world use this greeting, regardless of their language background. This Sunday we will be exploring Islam and will hear from our 7th … read more.