Speaker: Britt Argow

Story Songs: Building Community through Music

Narrative songs, or songs that tell stories, have a long history and are still popular today. From accounts of historical events, to teaching songs, to the sharing of common life experiences, “storytelling songs” have bound people together across time and space. Some of your favorite … read more.

The depth of dirt: Community Garden

There’s a very obvious symbolism in the gardener kneeling in the damp earth to plant, weed, and tend the soil and the harvest to come. For many of us, it’s a labor of love, meditation, and a celebration of life all rolled into one. In … read more.

Equinox: a Vision of Balance

Come celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, and explore our place in nature’s cycles of light and darkness. From the astrophysical to the personal, between literal and metaphorical, how can we nurture and practice balance in ourselves, out community, and the larger world?

The Beauty of Dissonance

Human beings are social creatures, and we naturally seek consensus. For many of us, living in today’s climate of discord and conflict can be exhausting, or at least disheartening. Come explore the beauty that can be found in dissonance, both musical and cognitive, as we … read more.

The Cowfish Problem

Britt Argow

“The Cowfish Problem, or: How Can Those People Still Think That?”
The old saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is still true today. In these divisive times, what can we remember about ourselves and “the other” that can help us to … read more.