In 1995, six thousand miles away in Magyarandrasfalva, a small village in Transylvania, our partner church in Andrásfalva was built with our financial assistance and dedicated in 1999. The building is shared with the Calvinists of the town. Unitarian services are held there one week out of four. The people of the Transylvanian plateau are mainly farmers, cowherds, and shepherds with an occasional teacher, charcoal maker, museum director, and minister included. Through Sharing Our Plate donations we help them make needed repairs and maintenance to keep their house of worship a welcoming place.

The Partner Church mission: We endeavor to join with our partners in faith in Magyarandrasfalva to exchange the stories of our lives, to learn from one another, to deepen our faith, and to share our understanding and resources in order to help support each other’s dreams.

Want to learn more about the work of the Partner Church team? Contact Mary Donald or George Krusen.