The SHYG (Senior High Youth Group) will kick-start the new Amazing Race program next Sunday, Sept. 13, at 1 p.m. A zoom invitation will be sent out by email next week. With pride we launched our Coming of Age youth last church-year and now offer them a chance through this fledgling program to continue to challenge themselves to do, as John Lewis said, “good trouble.” And to renew their friendships, and to have fun. Our goal is fellowship. We have invited back our graduating seniors to join in, and some new friends. David Dunn and I will be facilitating.

High school-age UUs put our faith into action every day by daring to be real, showing acceptance and support, leading with courage, and acting for justice. After all, what is religion for if it isn’t about changing your life—and changing the world—for the better? Harvard UU SHYG is a student-led program with adult advisors whose motto is “Spirituality, Service and Snacks.”


  • Spirituality is thinking about reaffirming and preparing to put into practice the core beliefs and values developed throughout the rest of the curriculum.
  • Service is the action of putting the UU beliefs into practice.
  • Snacks allow for coming together, sharing and playing together. Food for the body, mind and spirit.


Our Covenant