What Does Love Look Like?

Ordinarily, we as a church would be breaking for the summer grateful for the year together and ready to take a break from the demanding rhythms of church leadership. But these times are far from ordinary. We are in the midst of a pandemic altering every aspect of our culture and we are the midst of the greatest justice uprising movement since the 1960’s. What does being a church of love look like now? How do we carry on our tradition of care in this non-ordinary time? These questions are not just about the summer. The UUA guidelines recommend churches not reconvene until May 2021. Come on Sunday to ground yourself in the continuity of our tradition by learning what our sister congregations did in the 1918 Influenza and to consider the questions; what does care look like now; how are we going to be a church in this non-ordinary time? As a covenantal tradition, we are well-suited for this time. Our board members will be present to hear your thoughts and insights during breakout rooms.

Bring a flower so we can virtually bless each other.

Here’s the link to the hymm “Love Will Guide Us and the link to the anthem Helen will sing.