Vida y Muerte or Days of the Dead

Join Reverend Marta I. Valentín as she honors the Mexican tradition of celebrating their ancestors known as Days of the Dead, as well as give us the opportunity to remember our own ancestors.

Rev. Marta has asked that we decorate our sanctuary with marigold flowers which are traditional. If you are able, please bring a small bunch of marigolds in a vase or long stemmed ones that can go on our decorated altar. She also asked that each congregant bring in a photo or memento of a loved one (human or animal) who has died. Those photos will also be placed on the altar by the pulpit.

Children will be starting in the sanctuary and then heading off to their classes.The ceremony with the photos will take place while the children are still in the sanctuary so if they have photos or drawings of relatives or pets that they would like to bring in, they are welcome to do that as well. This holiday is celebratory and should not be depressing or sad for the children.