The depth of dirt: Community Garden

There’s a very obvious symbolism in the gardener kneeling in the damp earth to plant, weed, and tend the soil and the harvest to come. For many of us, it’s a labor of love, meditation, and a celebration of life all rolled into one. In fact, so many have observed that ‘we are never so close to heaven as when digging in the earth,’ it’s practically a cliche–and yet there is little to rival the satisfaction of growing your own food, or the rewards of beautiful flowers blooming from seeds you invested in the earth weeks before.

In the Harvard Community Garden, we come and go as individuals and each tend our own little plots, but the shared fence keeps predators out, and the peace and joy we find connect us across the grassy aisles. Perhaps we are as mysteriously and subtly entangled as the botanical communities that form in our garden beds.

Please join Britt this Sunday, April 3, as she considers the seed, the soil, and the physical and emotional manifestations of the interconnected web of which we are all a part.

Britt will bring seeds to take home for those who would like to plant them. Or, if you have seeds you have harvested from your own plants, or those left over from your garden planning, consider wrapping a few up in a small piece of paper and sealing it shut, labeled, to share with others!


Dr. Britt Argow previously taught geology and oceanography at Boston University, Wellesley College, and SUNY WCC, before mostly being home with her kids. Former jobs included ski patrol, wetlands scientist, national park system educator, teaching pottery, and wilderness backpacking. She now hikes, gardens, sings, does home repair, gardens, chauffeurs, gardens, cooks, gardens, and is an artist. Sometimes she sings while gardening.

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