Spiral Walk and Candle Lighting Ceremony

Please join us at the Fellowship Building on December 19, 2021 from 5-7 for a night of self care and renewal, including:

  • A Meditative Spiral Walk in Sunderland Hall
  • Body Healing and Relaxation with Emilie Coolidge and the Bemer**
  • Cookie Decoration and Pizza
  • Fire Pit and Flashlight Tag on the Patio (weather permitting.)

Let us know you’re coming by signing up. Once you’ve arrived, you can attend to the different activities as time and numbers allow. Masks required unless eating or drinking, vaccination encouraged.

Please Register with SignUpGenius and please bring evergreens and put to the right of the shed at the Fellowship Building anytime over the next week

**From Emilie: Since the theme of the evening is self care and renewal, I want to offer you a free 15 minute session on the BEMER, the only device of its kind that uses a pulsed electromagnetic field proven to support a healthy circulatory system by improving blood flow within the microvessels. I will bring a zero balancing chair for people to lie on for this 15 minute session and will clean the pad between each use. People find this experience very relaxing. I hope you do too!