On the threshold of a Story

In 2010 Dr. Jeff Harris, longtime HUUC member left a bequest to the church, that has become an ongoing gift to all of us: His wish was that we host inspiring guest speakers to broaden our minds and stimulate our spirits.

Funded by the Harris Trust we will be joined by renowned storyteller Diane Edgecomb. Diane brings stories and thoughts from over thirty years as a professional storyteller and listener. She also reflects on her work gathering personal stories from Kurdish refugees here in the United States and abroad, showing how personal story builds bridges to a deeper understanding.

Diane notes that “Storytelling is the most ancient of art forms and the most effective form of communication; it is also one of the most satisfying performance “immersions” an audience can have. Each story provides the listener with a doorway into the deep world of the imagination, galvanizing our inner world, enriching it with new insights.”