Dark Secrets

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None of us are completely honest – with ourselves, with our partners, or with each other. Fortunately, most secrets are harmless. But there are other secrets, dark secrets that pull us into their orbit and recruit us into a silence that diminishes us all.

How do we work effectively with the powerful forces that maintain these harmful secrets? How can we live in a way that is more honest and that reflects the love and compassion we want to stand for?

The Service will be followed by a Workshop by David Rynick

“The Secret To Happiness: Accepting What Is Already Here”

In this workshop, we will explore the basics of Zen mindfulness meditation as a path of accepting what is already here. In considering the possibility of dropping our ancient struggle against the way things are, we can begin to glimpse a new way of being that is available to us in each moment. Through guided meditations, reflection and silence, we will practice the possibility of cultivating a basic happiness right where we are.


David is a long-time friend, preacher and workshop leader here at the Harvard UU church. He is founding Abbot of Boundless Way Zen Temple (www.worcesterzen.org) where he lives with his wife and fellow Zen teacher, Melissa Myozen Blacker. David is also a Life and Leadership Coach and author of This Truth Never Fails:A Zen Memoir in Four Seasons.

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