Catching a Second Wind

Many of us are worn down by the ongoing relentlessness of the pandemic and the social, political, and climate crises of our times. And many of us know we would benefit from intensifying our spiritual and self-care practices. However, we often feel too burnt-out to do so. How do we catch a “second wind” when running marathon with an unknown finish line?

My talk Sunday will be about how to develop or enhance our self-care and spiritual practices when we are exhausted and just trying to get by one day at a time. One key to success is community: not being alone. I invite us to learn from each other and support each other in the strengthening of our daily centering practices: our ways of nurturing ourselves whether it’s prayer or meditation, a walk in the woods or knitting by the fire.

Please join the discussion group after the service when we will share what some of our self care and spiritual practices are and what’s working and what’s not.”

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