Healing from Broken To Whole Together

As of June 13th, our zoom worship services have ended. With the exception of the August 1 Union Service which we are hosting for 10 congregations this year. The link on our website (the same one we have been using) will be active for this service. Here is what to expect:

Seminarian Paloma Callo said to her preaching class recently that “we are a whole, healing, and broken people, a whole, healing, and broken faith, a whole healing and broken world.” She added,“that it is our witness to the cracks and shattered pieces that enables healing.” How do we find the courage to enter the pain? The compassion to help healing? How do we stay open to the grace of our wholeness in the midst of it all?

This year the participating churches include: Harvard, Lancaster, Littleton, Stow/Acton, Fitchburg, Marlborough/Hudson, Bolton, and Leominster.

The offering will be donated to the UUSC.

For other summer services Zoom In for the Concord Lay-lead services at 10am and Zoom in to GA June 27th service at Noon Eastern

By Computer: Zoom Link
By phone: 646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 952 7917 1360
Passcode: 305929
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aczIPyd3ke