The Art of Being Youthful

We are all children at heart! We have to be. Every day brings a newness of experience for all of us no matter the age. And to master each of these moments of newness, we need courage and grit. Sure it’s hard, and scary, and mostly unplanned, but an attitude of being “youthful in essence” may help with the bumps in the road as we hurl ourselves—like a child learning to walk—headlong into the unknown.

Bio –

Laura has been the director of religious education for 4 years, and a member of HUUC for 20 years. Her background includes writing technical briefs and organizing seminars at Lincoln Laboratories; creating MIT’s mediation@mit training program; earning her MBA; climbing 16,000 ft mountains in Peru; biking 1200 miles down the Baja peninsula; and being dropped by sea-plane 15-miles from the Arctic circle for a month-long wilderness canoe trip down the Yukon. Writer, tech-geek, adventurer, and child at heart.

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