Rock Garden is a Spirit Play-inspired classroom for children in 2nd –
4th grades. Spirit Play is an approach to religious education rooted in the Montessori method,the values of which align beautifully with Unitarian Universalist ideals. Spirit Play encourages independent thinking and questioning, values different learning styles and interests,and fosters a sense of community within and between multi-age groupings. This way of thinking about religious education invites both children and adults to explore their own needs,and models authentic religious questioning and the search for meaning.

This year, Rock Garden children will be delving into Heroes and Action. Each Spirit Play journey in the Rock Garden will begin with a story of one of these ‘UU superheroes, presented by the adult storyteller in an engaging and thought-provoking way using a variety of media. Afterward, children are free to choose from open explorations 20161106_123226through which they are encouraged to respond, interact and make meaning of the topic at hand. Some activities such as free response art, building/engineering, reading and writing will be available during every session. Theme-specific collaborative projects and explorations will vary weekly according to the interests and talents of the children and their adult guides.

In addition to these story-centered sessions, Rock Garden children will participate in outdoor movement and nature explorations, engage in social action projects,experience spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and sacred drumming with congregational leaders,and will otherwise spend time connecting with and immersing themselves in the Harvard Unitarian Universalist community. We look forward to an amazing year!

For more information about Spirit Play, visit www.spirit-play.com