Use Policies & Renter Responsibilities

The Renter’s security deposit will be forfeited if the renter or anyone affiliated with the event fails to adhere to the facility use rules.


There is parking available at the Fellowship Building and around the Church building. If necessary, overflow parking is available within walking distance near the town center.

The Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church strives to be a good neighbor. Please ensure that your guests do not park on the residential side of Elm Street. Depending on the size and time of your event, a renter-designated parking coordinator may be necessary.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Church building (Sanctuary) or surrounding grounds.

In the Fellowship Building, and under certain circumstances, serving alcohol requires a permit from the Town of Harvard. This process may take as long as 60 days. Please inform the Church as soon as possible if you wish to serve alcohol.

If the renter plans to have alcohol in the Fellowship Building, it will be the renter’s responsibility to have a TIPS certified server or caterer on site. The renter must also provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) demonstrating he or she has liability insurance covering. The COI must also list the Church as an “Additional Insured” for the period of the event.

Please provide proof of COI and additional insured to the Church 14 days before the event.

Musical Accompaniment and Musical Instruments

In the Sanctuary, use of the piano, organ, or harpsichord for services, concerts, rehearsals, recitals, etc. is included with the rental. However, the Music Director must approve this use in advance.

In Sutherland Hall (Fellowship Building), use of the piano requires an additional fee.

The Music Director shall have the right of first refusal on all rites of passage if he is available. If he is not available, he will recommend a qualified substitute. On occasion, when a family prefers to use another musician, the Music Director must approve this in advance. Please note that the Music Director is entitled to request his customary fee even if another musician is used.

A professional tuner, approved by the Music Committee, must be used for tuning the piano or harpsichord for a special event. The renter is responsible for paying the tuner. Arrangements for tuning must be made by the renter in collaboration with the church administrator.

Moving the piano or harpsichord is the responsibility of the renter. All instruments must be returned to their original location at the end of the event.

Setup and Cleanup

All room setup is the responsibility of the renter. This includes tables and chairs. Renters may arrange the space to suit their particular needs. At the end of the event, the renter is responsible for returning the space to the condition that existed immediately prior to renter’s use. Cleanup, including putting away all furniture, must be completed immediately following the event.

Deliveries and Pickup

Arrangements for all deliveries pertaining to renter’s event are the responsibility of the renter (or their agent). Church staff accepts pre-arranged deliveries during regular church office hours only. The renter or their agent must be on site to accept deliveries and pickups when the church office is closed.

Deliveries may need to be coordinated around other rentals or regular church activities; therefore, the church administrator must be given reasonable and advance notice of any delivery to the church facilities, whether the delivery will be accepted by the renter, the renter’s agent, or church staff.

The same requirements and courtesy are expected for any pickup arrangements after the renter’s event.

Furnishings and Decorations

A renter may rearrange furnishings and set out extra tables and chairs, but after the event, is responsible for returning the space to the condition that existed immediately prior to the renter’s use.

Decorations and low-voltage lights (similar to “Christmas lights”) are allowed in most rooms in the Fellowship Building, but are limited to using the rails and hooks on the walls. No direct attachment to walls is permitted. Decorating on the glass of windows and doors is permitted. Due to liability concerns, items may not be hung from any ceiling.

Renters must remove all decorations, tape, and string after the event.


Renters must immediately report any damage to the buildings, properties, or equipment. The renter is responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement plus a $100 administration fee. The total cost, minus the security deposit, will be the renter’s responsibility.

The church will use its regular contractors for repair work.

During the rental period, it is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that

  • The buildings, properties, and equipment are treated respectfully
  • The parking regulations are followed
  • No smoking is allowed in church buildings or on church grounds
  • Guidelines for recycling and disposal of waste are followed
  • There is minimal use (if any) of non-recyclable materials. Disposable dinner/serving wares and paper goods are strongly discouraged.
  • Children are directly supervised at all times
  • No classroom supplies nor nursery items are used
  • All spaces used are returned to the condition they were in immediately prior to renter’s use
  • All flowers, food, alcohol, and any other items brought in for an event are removed by the renter immediately following the event
  • All event cleanup is completed immediately following the event
  • The Church is informed of any damage to buildings, properties, or equipment