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Date(s) - 02/12/2017
11:15 am - 1:00 pm

Fellowship Building - Sutherland Hall


Annual Hungarian Potluck will be on February 12th

Saying Helló to our partner church

Mary Donald will bring us up to date on how we can support our partner church and the current happenings in the small village of Magyandrásfalva, which lies in the Transylvania region of Romania.

Use this link for Signup Genius or call Mary at 978-263-4747 to find out how you can help.

You may drop off your Hungarian-themed contribution in the kitchen before the start of church.

A little preview:

In 1509 Michael Servetus, the Spaniard, was born.
When he came of age to Catholicism sworn.
But perusing the good book he could not find
The three in one doctrine there opined.
De Trinitatis Erroribus was his conclusion,
Eventually leading to his execution
John Calvin, churchman, conscience did slake
by having the “heretic” burned at stake.

In 1510 for what it’s worth
Francis David was given birth.
Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran, he tried them all
A week in January they debated in a great Hall, And in the end he convinced the king
That Unitarianism was the thing .
“We need not think alike to love alike,” David pled
And “Faith is the gift of God” King John said.
John died from a hunting accident shortly,
Succeeded by Catholic Stephen Bathore
“Innovation” was David’s crime
Exiled to Deva, steep hill to climb.

For 400 years the Unitarian spark
Has sputtered but kept alive in the dark
Nourished by Poland, England, and the USA
Despite two wars and Caucescu’s dominant sway.
Now the partner church program gives us a chance
By reciprocal deeds our lives to enhance.

-Mary Donald