• Zoom Lectures

    Coming Soon! Zoom Lectures, Tuesday nights at 7:00 starting June 2nd with David Radue, speaking about the Ranked Choice Voting Campaign in Massachusetts. Join us for his 20 minute presentation, Q and A, and time for group sharing. On June 9th, Piali De will present on “The healthcare system we need: consumer driven and family centered.” We are scheduling into August, let me know if you want to present your passion!

    Here is the zoom link for the June 2nd talk:

    Zoom Link

    By Phone: 301 715 8592

    Meeting ID: 847 1465 7694

  • Walk for Hunger Update

    Success! Thank you Nellie Agosta for raising close to $2K by walking 13 miles, and for being team captain. Our team the harvard hunger resistance movement raised $2,984 by walkers: Tom Daniells, David Kendall, Susie Macrae, Meghan Neville, and Andy Perkins. And thank you(!) to all those people who donated to this cause of helping people get the food they need during Covid19. Your gifts and the team gifts you donated is very much appreciated. Donations may be continued through the link: go to our team page. We hope to raise $5K!

  • Miraculous Results!

    On Sunday, May 3, in a 15-minute frenzy of fun, with more than 60 households participating, our text-a-thon raised…(drum roll please)…an amazing $25,510!

    Pat yourselves on the back for sure!

    A huge THANK YOU to all who helped pull this event together: Rev. Jill; co-host Jim Colony; Heidi Bachman and Barbara Kemp, who did their best trying to keep up with your text messages; Imre and Eleanor Toth, marathon dancers; Jeanie and Daniel Colony, battling Jenga champs; Colleen Pearce, Doodler in Residence; William and Avonlea Radue, our hula dancers; Pam Frederick, meditator extraordinaire; Helen Batchelder (and friend) on vocals and guitar; William Kellogg, reporting live from the Common; and special guest The Hulk, aka the Greeter.

    Working behind the scenes were Zoom Director Stacie Green; David Kendall, Ginger Kendall, Edie Joyce, Vic Andersen, Liv Radue, and the ever reliable Elinor Stapleton.

    And thanks especially to all of you. Together, with your generous help, we made a miracle happen!

    Stay well, keep the faith, and don’t touch your face!


  • All Leadership Meeting

    This spring, we have a particular focus for our meeting – Covid -19 and its effect on the church community – physically, emotionally, and financially. How will we function in the new environment to fulfill our missions and functions of the Church? What have we learned so far – good and bad?

    Tuesday night May 12 at 7:00pm

  • Now THAT’s Entertainment!

    Please join us by Zoom immediately after the service on Sunday, for the fifteen most entertaining minutes in fundraising. The $15,000 miracle could turn out to be the side show.

    • Watch dancers in the spirit of the dance marathons of the 1920’s!
    • Watch art being created before your eyes!
    • Listen to miraculous music!
    • Tune into an intergenerational Jenga grudge match!

    Plus hula dancers! And more!

    And between now and then, maybe sign up for GivePlus Online, GivePlus Mobile, or GivePlus Text, to make your church contributions even easier. Checks, of course, are always welcome. The mail at PO Box 217 is checked regularly.

    Thank you. And hope to “see” you on Sunday.

  • A Message from The Caring Committee

    We hope everyone is doing well and from time to time checking in with your church buddy. If for some reason you did not get a buddy, or if you or your buddy are in need of additional support please let the Caring Committee know at caring@uuharvard.org and/or let Rev Jill know at revjillcowie@gmail.com or call her at 617-697-0922. And, please let us know if you prefer to opt out of the buddy system.

    We want everyone in our church family to stay safe, so if you fall into an at-risk category based on age or an underlying condition, please contact someone on this list for help getting what you need from the grocery store or pharmacy, or other errand. You may also contact the Caring Committee and we can help connect you with someone who can help.

    If you would be willing to help members of our church with errands, you may add you name to the list by filling out this form.

    Best to All,
    The Caring Committee

  • Update on “Walking” for Hunger COVID-19 Style

    Friends, it is that time of year again; the Walk for Hunger! But of course, having 9000 people get together on Boston Common to walk 20 miles is just not happening in 2020. But the problem of hunger is, and in a bigger way than in “normal” times, so the fundraising must. So The Harvard Hunger Resistance Movement has been restarted by Piali De and Nellie Agosta. The Coming of Age group is registered to “walk” as are many other friends and members. So if you still have a job, can you help some of the many people who don’t because the world is shut down, and donate to the cause? Just go to our team page and pledge whatever you can.

  • You Can Now Donate to HUUC Online!

    Our eGiving service, Vanco, provides tools to make giving simple even when we’re unable to gather to attend church. Their eGiving is safe and secure, and it allows you to designate your contribution to the weekly plate collection, towards your annual pledge, UUA dues, or as a gift. Download the GivePlus app and select Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church, or text your contribution to our dedicated number: 833-457-0519. You can also donate on our website, uuharvard.org/giveplus-online

  • Guest At Your Table (GAYT) Takes a Breather

    With our lives currently being held hostage by the corona virus, our GAYT effort will take a breather and start up again in the fall. In the meantime if you are able to send in a check to support the UUSC’s efforts around the globe it will be greatly appreciated. All donations will still be matched and donations of $125 or more will be quadrupled.

    Yesterday Pam and I joined a virtual meeting of the UUSC Stewardship Circle to hear about how they are dealing with the global shutdown. Because their programs are built on long term relationships with local partners their first priority is to make sure they are weathering the storm and getting them additional support if needed. According to Rachel Freed who is the VP & Chief Program Officer, it is absolutely amazing to witness their resiliency and determination as they deal with often incredibly oppressive and dangerous conditions – conditions that we can’t even imagine having to deal with.

    Pam and I came away from this meeting encouraged by just how strong and effective and loving the UUSC people are. Reverend Mary Katherine Morn, who is the President and CEO, is nothing short of inspirational and she is backed up by a staff that is strong in so many areas. You can be assured that any support you can send their way will be invested wisely and effectively.

    Please make checks out to HUUC with GAYT in the memo line and mail to the church. And save those spare coins and bills to be collected in the fall when we can gather together once again.

    Thank you for your support. It is times like this when that support is even more critical.

    –Glen Frederick

  • 2020 Walk for Hunger

    While the annual Walk for Hunger can’t happen in-person this year, it is more important than ever to support Project Bread. The Covid-19 crisis has left many families in Massachusetts struggling to afford and access food. In order to support Project Bread’s emergency hunger relief, Harvard Hunger Resistance is organizing a virtual walk! Donate what you can or better yet, join us as a virtual walker and fundraise (socially distanced walking encouraged but not required!) by following this link

    For any questions or suggestions contact: njagosta@gmail.com

    Thank you,
    Nellie Agosta