• Buddies!

    Last spring when the pandemic hit, we put together a Buddy system – you and your Buddy would reach out to and check in with each other from time to time. It was a way to keep a church connection in the face of the isolation of the pandemic. We heard from many people that this has been a success! But we have heard from some who did not get a Buddy, or their Buddy was not interested. So, as we head into the Fall, let’s try to all have a church Buddy – someone we can connect to and check on. Please contact the Caring Committee at caring@uuharvard.org, if you would like a Buddy – or if you want more Buddies! You don’t have to have just one!

    The Caring Committee

  • Pop-Up Auction

    The bidding for two cords of wood delivered is up to $700!!  You still have time to raise the ante and ensure you (and the church) will be warm this winter. So let’s hear from you if you want to stay warm this winter.

    Do you need wood for a fireplace or a wood-burning stove? Look no more!
    Bid on this item and get two cords of firewood cut, cured, split, and delivered.

    Value $600, minimum bid $400
    Donated by the Buildings and Grounds Committee
    The highest bidder wins this item.

    Please email your very best bid to admin@uuharvard.org 
    Bids through September 30th
    Winner with the highest bid will be contacted in early October
    Email bids to admin@uuharvard.org
    Delivery will be in October, well before the first snowfall


  • Music

    Bill Cordner, Laura Vilain and Ted Johnson have been working very hard to develop the technology to record and produce a virtual choir.  This Sunday the choir will be singing, Hymn # 1008, “When Your Heart is in a Holy Place”.  If you have been considering joining the choir, this would be a great time to make that commitment.  Sing along with the virtual choir this Sunday and think about getting on the other side of the screen for future performances.

    We plan to record instrumental music in the church, so you can get a feel for being in the church, and the YouTube videos that we produce will have a much better sound quality than live performances on Zoom.  

    We hope these changes will further enhance your Sunday worship experience.



  • Postcards with Reclaim Our Vote

    Are you interested in writing postcards for Reclaim Our Vote – a non-partisan campaign that contacts people of color in states across the south and urges them to check their registration status, re-register, and to vote? Postcard campaigns work! Reclaim Our Vote has found a 25% increase in voter registration among those people who receive postcards. To find out how to get a packet of 20 postcards, contact Ginger Kendall at 4kendalls@charter.net.

  • From the Partakers Group

    Good things do happen! Ruth Brunson, the inmate at MCI Framingham whom we’ve been supporting since 2005, has just been scheduled for parole beginning Sept. 21. She will be residing at the New Beginnings in Dorchester for the next 18 months, where she will have access to numerous job training and emotional growth programs.

    Of course starting her new life Ruth will need some personal items, e.g. toiletries, a T. V. Etc. We are hoping that someone in the congregation might have a small television that they could donate to Ruth. Do join us in celebrating the new freedom that our friend Ruth has earned!

    For the committee –

    Eleanor Toth eltoth@verizon.net,
    Ellen Iorio, Jane Gronholm, Julie Anne Medjanis, Karen Davis, Cassandra Werthman

  • Coming of Age Celebration

    What an amazing day Sunday was as we celebrated our Coming of Age Youth. The fact that 75 plus people stayed on-line and signed into 6 different zoom meetings as we troubleshooted Zoom is testimony to our care for one another. Thank you for Stacie for offering her account, and to all of you for your flexibility, steadfastness and commitment to this special day of celebration. Here are the notes I took from the credos the youth shared, a line from each one of them.

    • Life is worth living simply because it’s my own game
    • Life is a series of chapters, know each one
    • Helping people has always been the most important thing in my life
    • Equity, peace in community are the most important things in life
    • Other people matter as sources of joy and meaning, and for sources of truth
    • Forgiveness is an important part of growing as a person
    • There is potential and energy in everything and you must open your mind to feel it
    • The main way to see one’s true self is how you treat others
    • It’s important that the people you choose to surround yourself with lift you up to be your best self
    • What motivates me most in my life is helping people find joy
    • Everyone and all things have something to offer
    • I want to be a shoulder to lean on

    Thank you for your teachings.

  • Zoom Lectures

    Coming Soon! Zoom Lectures, Tuesday nights at 7:00 starting June 2nd with David Radue, speaking about the Ranked Choice Voting Campaign in Massachusetts. Join us for his 20 minute presentation, Q and A, and time for group sharing. On June 9th, Piali De will present on “The healthcare system we need: consumer driven and family centered.” We are scheduling into August, let me know if you want to present your passion!

    Here is the zoom link for the June 2nd talk:

    Zoom Link

    By Phone: 301 715 8592

    Meeting ID: 847 1465 7694

  • Miraculous Results!

    On Sunday, May 3, in a 15-minute frenzy of fun, with more than 60 households participating, our text-a-thon raised…(drum roll please)…an amazing $25,510!

    Pat yourselves on the back for sure!

    A huge THANK YOU to all who helped pull this event together: Rev. Jill; co-host Jim Colony; Heidi Bachman and Barbara Kemp, who did their best trying to keep up with your text messages; Imre and Eleanor Toth, marathon dancers; Jeanie and Daniel Colony, battling Jenga champs; Colleen Pearce, Doodler in Residence; William and Avonlea Radue, our hula dancers; Pam Frederick, meditator extraordinaire; Helen Batchelder (and friend) on vocals and guitar; William Kellogg, reporting live from the Common; and special guest The Hulk, aka the Greeter.

    Working behind the scenes were Zoom Director Stacie Green; David Kendall, Ginger Kendall, Edie Joyce, Vic Andersen, Liv Radue, and the ever reliable Elinor Stapleton.

    And thanks especially to all of you. Together, with your generous help, we made a miracle happen!

    Stay well, keep the faith, and don’t touch your face!


  • All Leadership Meeting

    This spring, we have a particular focus for our meeting – Covid -19 and its effect on the church community – physically, emotionally, and financially. How will we function in the new environment to fulfill our missions and functions of the Church? What have we learned so far – good and bad?

    Tuesday night May 12 at 7:00pm

  • Now THAT’s Entertainment!

    Please join us by Zoom immediately after the service on Sunday, for the fifteen most entertaining minutes in fundraising. The $15,000 miracle could turn out to be the side show.

    • Watch dancers in the spirit of the dance marathons of the 1920’s!
    • Watch art being created before your eyes!
    • Listen to miraculous music!
    • Tune into an intergenerational Jenga grudge match!

    Plus hula dancers! And more!

    And between now and then, maybe sign up for GivePlus Online, GivePlus Mobile, or GivePlus Text, to make your church contributions even easier. Checks, of course, are always welcome. The mail at PO Box 217 is checked regularly.

    Thank you. And hope to “see” you on Sunday.