• Deeper Than The Skin

    Coming Jan. 30, 2021, a musical presentation on Race in America titled “Deeper Than The Skin), by Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway. ( DeeperThanTheSkin.com )

    Two friends, one Black, one White, born three days apart. Racial divisions that are the reality of America started them in two different worlds, but the amazing bonds of music, respect, admiration and shared vision have brought them together as friends and colleagues.

    “Deeper Than The Skin” is an experience of singing and listening, It is an invitation to open your heart and mind to a story of shared humanity that resonates with your own.
    As Reggie and Greg reach across the racial divide, they encourage others to foster the relationships that are, in the end, a path to healing.

    “Deeper Than The Skin is an absolutely amazing experience. Not a performance (although these are two fine performers) but an experience. If you are anywhere within reach of this, don’t miss it.” Selma Civil Rights activist Rev. Gordon Gibson, author of Southern Witness, Knoxville TN.
    This will be streamed, free of charge on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Click here for link:

    Sponsored by First Church Unitarian in Littleton, First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, First Parish in Concord, Greater Littleton Interfaith Council (GLIC), Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church, and Maynard Anti-Racism Alliance (MARA).

  • Help Us Name our Outdoor Classroom!

    A call for ideas! The space behind the Fellowship Building is often called The Outdoor Classroom – which it is! Though it also seems to be more. A space for meditation, reflection, walking and observing nature, sitting with friends on the log rounds (oh to do so again!). Our own Glen Frederick has put so much thought and care into it, and even plans to expand trails next summer. Do you have an idea on an official name for this area??

    E-mail Elizabeth at admin@uuharvard.org

  • Adult Religious Education

    Soul Matters small group ministry is reflecting on what it means to be a people of healing. Next month they will reflect upon what it means to be a people of stillness. If you are interested please contact David Dunn at ddunn.hdt@gmail.com or Belinda Friedrich at abouaf3@gmail.com.

  • Shoeboxes of Gifts for the Children of ACE in Worcester

    Religious Education is presenting our 2nd Annual 2020 Holiday Shoebox Project to benefit the African Community Education (ACE) program of Worcester. Last year many of you signed up to fill a shoebox of gifts for the children of refugee and immigrant families of poor circumstances that have come to the US. This year’s families are from Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their kids range from grades 5 through 8th. ACE offers 57 children and youth of these families after-school academic support. We have signed up to give a shoebox to 10 children. If you would like to participate, please email me, Laura Vilain, with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preference. First come basis. Shoeboxes will be needed at the church office by Thursday, Dec. 10.

        Raymond: M, age 12, 5th grade – DR of Congo
        Allah: M, age 11, 5th grade – Central African Rep
        Clement: M, age 12, 6th grade – Central African Rep
        Dorcas: F, age 14, 6th grade – Central African Rep
        Gastien: M, age 12, 6th grade – Central African Rep
        Chance: M, age 14, 7th grade – Central African Rep
        Everina: F, age 14, 7th grade – Central African Rep
        Nathan: M, age 13, 7th grade – DR of Congo
        Lixion: F, age 14, 8th grade – Central African Rep
        Wakongwe: M, age 15, 8th grade – DR of Congo

    And thank you!

    ** Updated 11/25 for shoeboxes “taken”

  • Adult RE – Discovering the Power of Poetry

    “Discovering the Power of Poetry” is delayed by two weeks for election related training and vigils. New start date is Nov 12. Pease contact Rev. Jill for the link. We need 4 people for this class to run.

    Writer June Jordan says that “the first function of poetry is to tell the truth, to learn how to do that, to find out what you really feel and what you really think.” And this is what we will be doing together during this six session series on poetry of water, of fire, of the moon, of sustenance, of lament and of place. Join Rev Jill on Thursday 7-8:30 pm. Come to one, come to all. Nov 12, Nov 19, and Dec 3, Dec. 10.

  • Buddies!

    Last spring when the pandemic hit, we put together a Buddy system – you and your Buddy would reach out to and check in with each other from time to time. It was a way to keep a church connection in the face of the isolation of the pandemic. We heard from many people that this has been a success! But we have heard from some who did not get a Buddy, or their Buddy was not interested. So, as we head into the Fall, let’s try to all have a church Buddy – someone we can connect to and check on. Please contact the Caring Committee at caring@uuharvard.org, if you would like a Buddy – or if you want more Buddies! You don’t have to have just one!

    The Caring Committee

  • Pop-Up Auction

    The bidding for two cords of wood delivered is up to $700!!  You still have time to raise the ante and ensure you (and the church) will be warm this winter. So let’s hear from you if you want to stay warm this winter.

    Do you need wood for a fireplace or a wood-burning stove? Look no more!
    Bid on this item and get two cords of firewood cut, cured, split, and delivered.

    Value $600, minimum bid $400
    Donated by the Buildings and Grounds Committee
    The highest bidder wins this item.

    Please email your very best bid to admin@uuharvard.org 
    Bids through September 30th
    Winner with the highest bid will be contacted in early October
    Email bids to admin@uuharvard.org
    Delivery will be in October, well before the first snowfall


  • Music

    Bill Cordner, Laura Vilain and Ted Johnson have been working very hard to develop the technology to record and produce a virtual choir.  This Sunday the choir will be singing, Hymn # 1008, “When Your Heart is in a Holy Place”.  If you have been considering joining the choir, this would be a great time to make that commitment.  Sing along with the virtual choir this Sunday and think about getting on the other side of the screen for future performances.

    We plan to record instrumental music in the church, so you can get a feel for being in the church, and the YouTube videos that we produce will have a much better sound quality than live performances on Zoom.  

    We hope these changes will further enhance your Sunday worship experience.



  • Postcards with Reclaim Our Vote

    Are you interested in writing postcards for Reclaim Our Vote – a non-partisan campaign that contacts people of color in states across the south and urges them to check their registration status, re-register, and to vote? Postcard campaigns work! Reclaim Our Vote has found a 25% increase in voter registration among those people who receive postcards. To find out how to get a packet of 20 postcards, contact Ginger Kendall at 4kendalls@charter.net.

  • From the Partakers Group

    Good things do happen! Ruth Brunson, the inmate at MCI Framingham whom we’ve been supporting since 2005, has just been scheduled for parole beginning Sept. 21. She will be residing at the New Beginnings in Dorchester for the next 18 months, where she will have access to numerous job training and emotional growth programs.

    Of course starting her new life Ruth will need some personal items, e.g. toiletries, a T. V. Etc. We are hoping that someone in the congregation might have a small television that they could donate to Ruth. Do join us in celebrating the new freedom that our friend Ruth has earned!

    For the committee –

    Eleanor Toth eltoth@verizon.net,
    Ellen Iorio, Jane Gronholm, Julie Anne Medjanis, Karen Davis, Cassandra Werthman