The Cosmix will be taking a step outside of themselves this year. We will be exploring core questions of spirituality that speak to our youth, utilizing the Love Connects Us curriculum. We will also be looking at spirituality as it is expressed in other cultures, and then we will bring it home again, looking for ways that this speaks to our children as spiritual individuals. Think of it as a 2 year-long workshop on the fourth UU principle – a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

What does a Sunday morning look like for the Cosmix? There will be many opportunities for experiential learning. During all this exploration,our children will be engaged in democratic discussion,for which respectful critical thinking is a cornerstone. Beyond Sunday mornings, the Cosmix will be growing as a team while taking a more active role in supporting the functions of the church. Following from Butterfly Garden and Rock Garden, the Cosmix will be expanding their application and understanding of our core UU values as they encounter some of life’s more involved questions.

And the Cosmix are going to have galactic-scale fun with creative performing opportunities like the annual mummers play which will take place during Block 3!

Here’s what we ask of you the parents and other parishioners: get involved. There are many low-commitment opportunities in the Cosmix calendar to share your personal experience as a discussion guest. Are you a gleaner, an astronomer, or a member of a Native tribe – there’s a spot for you. Or do you have another area of interest that you want to bring to the Cosmix? – tell us and we’ll try to make it so. We especially welcome those parents and parishioners who would like to take the next step and lead the lessons for a few weeks or a few months.