By volunteering to usher, you are honoring our church covenant to “support individual and collective service to … community.”

If you have any comments or questions regarding this list, please contact Connections

Before the service:

  • Please arrive at least a half-hour before the service starts (9:30 or earlier).
  • Unlock front doors to church. Keys are in the Worship mail slot.
  • Turn on all lights:
    • All green dots in the electric box (in the kitchen area near office) should be turned on
    • Two rheostats (round dials under electric box) rotate fully
    • Three switches in area below choir loft
  • Locate the fire extinguishers, just in case they are needed
  • Turn on main switch for microphone system, located in the right side room (to right of the podium when you face the podium). The switch is tucked back over a large black box marked “church technology.” The switch is marked “sound system.”
  • Get microphone and hearing devices from top drawer of two-drawer file in the Admin’s office next to the desk.
  • Set up microphone and chime (ringing bowl) in front of the church. The microphone stand and ringing bowl are located in the right side room.
  • Set up the fountain. Make sure that stones are in the bowl, water is filled to near the brim, plug it in next to the pulpit.
  • Hearing devices are in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet just inside the administrator’s door. Check to see that they still have battery life. Place them next to the Orders of Service.
  • Test sound system – podium and microphone on stand.
  • Check Order of Service – Are there candles of joy and concern? Do children start in sanctuary?
  • If part of service, set up candles of Joy and Concern table. Candles are in a purple box above the cabinets in kitchen area. Wooden matches are in the podium or in candle drawer.
  • Check chalice lamp oil. Refills are in candle drawer or you can use a candle in its place.
  • Set up additional seats behind the pews and/or below the windows as needed. Put out additional hymnals. The folding chairs and hymnals are in the closets at the back of the church.
  • Turn on heat in ladies room.
  • Remove the dust cover from the harpsichord and place in side room.
  • When there is no coffee hour set up, close “doors” to the kitchen to hide sink and cabinets.
  • Light candles on the chancel table. Do not light the chalice.
  • As people arrive, pass out orders of service. Offer large print orders of service and hearing devices to those who need them.
  • Offer assistance to anyone who needs help being seated.

During the service:

  • Shortly after opening hymn, fill out attendance forms on the lectern in the back of the sanctuary.
  • During the offertory, pass the collection plates. Return them to the back tables where you found them. Financiers will take them after the service has ended.
  • Place attendance form with the collection plates or bring them to the office after service.

After the Service:

  • Retrieve the microphone and hymnal from the worship leader at the back of the church so her/his hands are free to greet people.
  • Place attendance form in the DRE mailbox.
  • Gather leftover Orders of Service and loose papers from the sanctuary and discard them.
  • Put away folding chairs.
  • Blow out candles and return Joys and Concerns table to corner.
  • Turn off PA system.
  • Return microphone and hearing devices to the file cabinet.
  • Put attendance sheet in the DRE mailbox.
  • Return the stands.
  • Replace the dust cover on the harpsichord.
  • Turn off heat in ladies room.
  • Turn off lights and lock all doors, or ask a board member or hospitality server to do so; return keys to Worship mail slot.

Quick Checklist for Ushers:


  • Lights (on/off)
  • Doors (unlock/lock)
  • Harpsichord cover (on/off)
  • Ringing bowl (put out/put away)
  • Extra hymnals (put out/put away
  • Candles of Joy and Concern??? (put out/put away)
  • Check chalice oil, but don’t light
  • Candles on chancel table (light/extinguish)
  • After service, clean up the pews.
  • After service, fill out attendance sheet and place in DRE mailbox.


  • Microphone (test, put out/put away)
  • Hearing-assist devices (test, put out/put away)
  • sound system (turn on, test, turn off)

Duties During Service

  • Hand out Orders of Service:
  • Take attendance
  • Pass collection plates


  • Check doors (unlock/lock)
  • Ladies room heat (on/off)