Love is the spirit of our church, where we gather to worship and to create a welcoming and nurturing religious community of all ages… (from our Covenant)

You are the first face people will see upon entering our church on Sunday morning. It is amazing how a smile and a hello can warm a person’s heart and make them feel welcome.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this list, please contact the Connections Team.

Greeter Checklist:

[Printable PDF]

  • Please arrive at 9:40 or earlier. New people to the church often arrive early, and it is nice to have someone to greet them.
  • Locate the fire extinguishers.
  • Please wear your name badge (or make a temporary sticker badge) as well as a “Greeter” badge.
  • Prop open doors to the sanctuary – there are hooks near the bottom of the doors to hold them open.
  • Open coat room doors and turn on the coat room light.
  • If it is a nice day outside, prop open the outside doors – there are hooks near the bottom of the doors to hold them open.
  • Ascertain who the Connection Team member present that morning is.
  • Greet people with a smile and a handshake. Remind them to wear their name badge or make a sticker badge.
  • Be on the lookout for people you do not recognize. Welcome them. Introduce yourself. These may be guests or long absent members who may not know many others. Introduce newcomers and guests to the Connection Team member.
  • If there is no Connection Team member present tell visitors: “We invite you to make a name tag if you wish.” Offer them a Welcome Card. Completed cards can be placed in the offering plate.
  • Also if there is no Connection Team member present attempt to connect new families with someone who can take them to the Fellowship Building, introduce them to the DRE, and give them some basic Religious Education and/or childcare information.
  • Close doors to sanctuary when the prelude begins. Quietly open the door to let late-comers in. (Be sure to gently close door and not let slam.)
  • Continue to greet late arrivals until the first hymn.