Our 2018 Stewardship Campaign

A Message from Reverend JillRev. Jill Cowie

Recently, I was talking to a someone about our church, and she said “we create sanctuary for all the generations.” Her words brought to mind what Jewish Scholar Elie Wiesel once said about a sanctuary. A sanctuary, he said, “is a human being, a dream. And that is why you are here, and that is why I am here. We are here because of one another. We are in truth each other’s shelter.”

Creating sanctuary is what “REACHING IN REACHING OUT,” means to me. A place that invites radical intimacy and inclusion that extends this sheltering promise to everyone. A place in which we cultivate a rich inner life that engages our passion and makes visible our gifts. A place in which we embody compassionate choices in our interactions in our world, with nature and with ourselves. A place we find within each of us and among us. This is what it is to be human, says Elie, but it’s also a dream. As a WWII death camp survivor, he knew how readily human beings can disengage.

This year, as stewards, we are claiming this dream of radical engagement as our own. Our energy and passion is palpable.

I want to know, what does this dream look like for you?   

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