support ♦ sustenance ♦ encouragement ♦ shoring up ♦ buoying ♦ lending hands

When the unexpected need arises and you’d like a helping hand. . .

medical issue ~ new baby ~ death in the family ~ a life transition

What we can do for you. . .

offer a ride to the doctor’s, church, or store ~ provide meals
pick up prescriptions ~ errands ~ visits ~ phone calls ~ and more

Ways we like to reach out. . .

  • picking up prescriptions and groceries for a friends who is recovering from an illness
  • offering a ride to a doctor’s appointment
  • visiting someone in the hospital to cheer them up
  • checking on an elderly relative while you’re away
  • connecting with those in the congregation who might like a phone call or a note
  • bringing a meal to someone who is ailing

Bereavement Support. . .

Grief from losing a loved one is painful and often confusing. The person is here in our hearts and yet they are gone. Processing grief is a different journey for everyone. When my wife died friends and family came to help, but many had never experienced such a loss and had their own lives to lead. The initial search for support was frustrated by my emotions and not knowing a place to turn where I felt comfortable. This resource was developed to help you find your way with the help of caring professionals, groups of those who are having similar experience both in person and on the web, as well as some readings that can guide your personal journey.

Dan Kagan member of Harvard Universalist Unitarian Church

Rehab Support. . . is a community organization dedicated to empowering people suffering from substance abuse addiction with tools and resources to start their personal journey toward recovery. We create and publish comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources that have been featured and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web.

Resource Links:

There’s more. . .

The Caring Network supplements the minister’s pastoral work by reaching out to parishioners in time of illness or transition. The group coordinates visits, phone calls, and cards for parishioners who are housebound, hospitalized, in nursing homes or who are generally in need of support. With a list of church members and friends who are willing to offer many types of assistance during a time of need, we rely on their willingness and generosity–key support of our community.

Who is able to help out?

Audrey Ball, Lynne Wood, (co-chairs) ~ Barbara Cerva ~ Jane Thomsen ~ Ginger Kendall ~ Chuck McCormack ~ Sue Tokay, and our list of volunteers

Why not call on us?

If you’re interested in lending your time to volunteer, please let us know.
We’d love to include you on our volunteer list.