This group is named after the world religions program of the same title. Known to many as “The Church Across the Street” and “Neighboring Faiths”, the goals (with thanks to for this 3-year curriculum are to:

  • increase knowledge of religions practiced around the world and in local communities;
  • understand how religion addresses basic human needs;
  • foster acceptance of the diverse forms that religious expression takes;
  • build awareness of the diversity of followers within every faith;
  • understand that to know someone’s religious identity is not the same as knowing what that person thinks,believes,or
  • support the faith development of participants;
  • empower youth to better appreciate human diversity and connect with  others and be able to respectfully discuss important matters with people with whom they disagree;
  • nurture open-mindedness and critical inquiry.

In addition to a continued exploration of world religions, the Bridges youth will also be exploring their own beliefs in a curriculum designed to serve as a foundation for Coming of Age: Compass Points.

This group will meet every Sunday that there is Religious Education. In addition to studying the Compass Points curriculum and visiting different houses of worship, this group will attend worship services in the Sanctuary together; participate in Social Action Sundays; and enjoy down-time on “Play Days”.

*Religion of focus for Fall 2017-2018: Hinduism