If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.


Without knowing why we bother to gather, to meet, and to be a community, Unitarian Universalist congregations are in danger of ceasing to exist, or of merely replicating the local university’s continuing education program, or the local debating society, or the local country club. If we don’t know who we are as individual Unitarian Universalist congregations, then what is there to differentiate us, one from the other and from all the myriad choices that people have in deciding how to spend their time, their energy, and their money? In communities that have multiple Unitarian Universalist congregations, what distinguishes one from another? Without vision, we stand in danger of withering on the vine. Countless people within our regions stand to lose valuable and viable religious communities that can sustain them in times of trouble and concern.  (Excerpted from the UUA Congregational Handbook – Vision, Mission and Covenant: Creating a Future Together)


Our Vision Statement

Spring 2011

Our vision is that we are a growing and thriving congregation with an abundance of resources to fulfill our goals and commitments.  We play a vital role in serving the evolving needs of the people and organizations in our local communities as well as the world at large.  We offer a variety of ways for our members to deepen and nourish their spiritual growth while respecting each individual’s beliefs and practices.  Our congregation is actively engaged in making a difference through social action and outreach. We are a vibrant, multi-generational congregation.  Our church offers a range of religious education opportunities that fulfill the needs and interests of all ages.

Our Mission & Covenant

Adopted February 2, 1997

Love is the spirit of our church, where we gather to worship and to create a welcoming and nurturing religious community of all ages and where we:

…are inspired to explore, reflect, and grow spiritually;

…support and care for one another;

…respect our diversity and seek to understand our differences;

…are safe to share our deeply held thoughts and values;

…support individual and collective service to the larger community;

…celebrate together our traditions and our lives, with all their sorrows and joys.

We hold ourselves responsible for the religious education of our children and ourselves, to carry out our mission, and to support our church.