HUUC Parish Board

Our Board consists of six members elected by the congregation to staggered three-year terms.  The Treasurer and Clerk are members ex-officio and do not vote. The Minister, Director of Faith Formation, and Parish Assistant frequently attend and provide important input and perspectives.  Board meetings are open to any member of the congregation and meeting minutes are filed with the Parish Assistant.

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the realization of a long-term strategic plan
  • Outlining significant opportunities and central issues facing the church
  • Providing fiduciary oversight of all church assets
  • Establishing comprehensive policy and procedures

2016/17 HUUC Board Objectives

Under the church’s governing by-laws the Board is required to define its specific governance objectives for the year and end the year by reporting to the Congregation its progress toward these objectives.

The objectives we have set for ourselves this year are as follows:

  1. Through our collective efforts, work to build our church spirit that fosters participation, engagement and connections to all who attend our services and programs. Inspiration through action and involvement.
  2. Form a publicity team to provide internal and external communications to help people know what HUUC is doing. The goal of these efforts will be to enhance the overall awareness of our church activities within and outside of our church community. Also, to provide community outreach to attract visitors and potential new members to our church.
  3. Provide resources, support and direction to our ministerial team to help them lead inspiring and uplifting spiritual services and religious education programming.
  4. Through the continued transition and search process for our next called minister, better understand what our members and guests are looking for from their church and its leaders spiritually and educationally.Incorporate this feedback in to the search efforts for this year and in the transition years to come.
  5. Conduct a successful stewardship that allows us to fund our church year and support our ministerial search process.
  6. Organize and update the church policies.

Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church, Harvard, MA

Board Members


Rick High


Carol Panek-Clark


Imre Toth

Endowment Committee

Nominating Committee