Cottage Meetings are another standard part of the ministerial search process used by UU churches. These are small gatherings, held in homes or at the church. The meetings are facilitated small group discussions, with room for both individual and group responses. Our Ministerial Search Committee will organize and facilitate these meetings; all you need to do is sign-up in the vestibule and attend.


The following Cottage Meetings have been scheduled:

  • Saturday, Sept 17 9:30am: coffee & snacks at the MacFarlane/Kozarsky’s
  • Monday, Sept 26 at 6:30pm: (pizza?) at the Chapman/Ruze’s
  • Tuesday Sept 27 (pizza?): 6pm at the Frederick’s
  • Wednesday Sept 28 at 9:30am: scones/muffins & coffee at Barbara Kemp’s
  • Friday Sept 30 6pm: pizza and wine at the Catalina’s
  • Thursday Oct 6 at 7pm: coffee and dessert at the Wickman’s
  • Thursday Oct 21 at 6pm: in the Fellowship Building. Food and childcare provided
  • Thursday Oct 30 at 11:30am: in the Fellowship Building. Food and childcare provided.


What is the benefit of attending a cottage meeting?

The cottage meeting provides an opportunity for members and friends to talk with people they may not normally talk with about their vision and dreams for the future of this congregation. Attending a Cottage Meeting can also help spark your thinking before you fill out the survey. On the other hand, taking the survey first will prepare for the discussion at the Cottage Meeting. Both approaches are valuable and you may do them in any order you like.


How will that data be used?

Surveys simply can’t go far enough in understanding and clarifying what people mean in their responses. Many of your thoughts at the Cottage Meetings will be captured on notecards and the committee will review all responses to get a more complete picture than the survey alone can reveal.


Can non-members participate in the cottage meetings, as well as the survey and BCT?

Yes—we encourage friends of the congregation to participate in all of these search activities. Friends have an important voice in our community.