The Ministerial Search Committee
Left to right: Darryl Wickman, Cary Browse, John Chapman, Britt Argow, Rebecca Wright, Tom Daniells, Stacie Cassat Green, Fernando Catalina

Who are the Ministerial Search Committee members and what are their roles?

  • Fernando Catalina, Committee Co-Chair
  • John Chapman, Committee Co-Chair
  • Britt Argow, Communications
  • Cary Browse, Arranger
  • Rebecca Wright, Treasurer
  • Stacie Green, IT Administrator
  • Tom Daniells, Packet Editor
  • Darrell Wickman, Reference Checker

How were MSC members selected?

Every member of the congregation was contacted by the nominating committee, a board member or a member of the program council to identify who the congregation felt would be a good search committee member. The most frequently mentioned names became candidates for a ballot. The names and brief bios were shared and at a special congregational meeting the congregation voted. The top seven vote getters were elected. Tom Daniells, as President of the Board, became part of the committee and the committee voted to have him be a voting member of the committee.

How are things going with the Search?

Oh, look! A squirrel! But seriously, we’ll share regular updates in The Belfry and Chalice Chat.