Thank You For Supporting the UUSC

Thanks to all who contributed to the Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program to support the UUSC’s efforts towards social justice around the world. Not counting whatever comes in over this weekend we raised $1,730, and with the match, a total of $3,460. AND, with the Shelter Rock match the total for the UUSC will be $6,920.

Be assured that with the UUSC’s model of working on the ground with local partners, this funding will make a huge difference to people struggling to survive under enormously difficult circumstances.

Here’s to Social Justice for all,

Pam and Glen

To donate, checks can be made out to HUUC or through Vanco GIVEPLUS+ on the church website, in both cases referencing the UUSC/GAYT. In addition, we will match all of the congregation’s donations and any donation of $150 or more will also be matched by the Shelter Rock Church on Long Island, effectively quadrupling your donation. Of course donations in any amount are welcome and will be matched.