A Message From Our Partner Church

Dear Mary and Congregation,

We are well in the pandemic time, healthy, and a little bit afraid what will bring the future for all the world. The restrictions in the pandemic is changed a lot. Now we have to wear mask all the time. The church is open, and Sunday the members, who are coming in the church have to wear mask. The schools were opened Monday, before all the schools were closed, and the education was online.

In the congregation, we had few death people buy Covid, and there are strict laws about the sermons. The vaccination it is started, but many people with me too are afraid, more confuse with the vaccine, still we are waiting. Economically we are already feeling the COVIDs problems. Many people are losing there jobs, the prices are high up almost 1.5. The most important can be, to stop in some way the problems, and we wish a lot to get back our life free.

We hope that the problems will be resolved in the whole world, and we wish you and for our partners in faith all the best you wish.

God bless you all, God bless the world.

In love, faith and peace

Rev. Berei Istvan