Coming of Age Celebration

What an amazing day Sunday was as we celebrated our Coming of Age Youth. The fact that 75 plus people stayed on-line and signed into 6 different zoom meetings as we troubleshooted Zoom is testimony to our care for one another. Thank you for Stacie for offering her account, and to all of you for your flexibility, steadfastness and commitment to this special day of celebration. Here are the notes I took from the credos the youth shared, a line from each one of them.

  • Life is worth living simply because it’s my own game
  • Life is a series of chapters, know each one
  • Helping people has always been the most important thing in my life
  • Equity, peace in community are the most important things in life
  • Other people matter as sources of joy and meaning, and for sources of truth
  • Forgiveness is an important part of growing as a person
  • There is potential and energy in everything and you must open your mind to feel it
  • The main way to see one’s true self is how you treat others
  • It’s important that the people you choose to surround yourself with lift you up to be your best self
  • What motivates me most in my life is helping people find joy
  • Everyone and all things have something to offer
  • I want to be a shoulder to lean on

Thank you for your teachings.