Miraculous Results!

On Sunday, May 3, in a 15-minute frenzy of fun, with more than 60 households participating, our text-a-thon raised…(drum roll please)…an amazing $25,510!

Pat yourselves on the back for sure!

A huge THANK YOU to all who helped pull this event together: Rev. Jill; co-host Jim Colony; Heidi Bachman and Barbara Kemp, who did their best trying to keep up with your text messages; Imre and Eleanor Toth, marathon dancers; Jeanie and Daniel Colony, battling Jenga champs; Colleen Pearce, Doodler in Residence; William and Avonlea Radue, our hula dancers; Pam Frederick, meditator extraordinaire; Helen Batchelder (and friend) on vocals and guitar; William Kellogg, reporting live from the Common; and special guest The Hulk, aka the Greeter.

Working behind the scenes were Zoom Director Stacie Green; David Kendall, Ginger Kendall, Edie Joyce, Vic Andersen, Liv Radue, and the ever reliable Elinor Stapleton.

And thanks especially to all of you. Together, with your generous help, we made a miracle happen!

Stay well, keep the faith, and don’t touch your face!