A Message from The Caring Committee

We hope everyone is doing well and from time to time checking in with your church buddy. If for some reason you did not get a buddy, or if you or your buddy are in need of additional support please let the Caring Committee know at caring@uuharvard.org and/or let Rev Jill know at revjillcowie@gmail.com or call her at 617-697-0922. And, please let us know if you prefer to opt out of the buddy system.

We want everyone in our church family to stay safe, so if you fall into an at-risk category based on age or an underlying condition, please contact someone on this list for help getting what you need from the grocery store or pharmacy, or other errand. You may also contact the Caring Committee and we can help connect you with someone who can help.

If you would be willing to help members of our church with errands, you may add you name to the list by filling out this form.

Best to All,
The Caring Committee