Guest At Your Table (GAYT) Takes a Breather

With our lives currently being held hostage by the corona virus, our GAYT effort will take a breather and start up again in the fall. In the meantime if you are able to send in a check to support the UUSC’s efforts around the globe it will be greatly appreciated. All donations will still be matched and donations of $125 or more will be quadrupled.

Yesterday Pam and I joined a virtual meeting of the UUSC Stewardship Circle to hear about how they are dealing with the global shutdown. Because their programs are built on long term relationships with local partners their first priority is to make sure they are weathering the storm and getting them additional support if needed. According to Rachel Freed who is the VP & Chief Program Officer, it is absolutely amazing to witness their resiliency and determination as they deal with often incredibly oppressive and dangerous conditions – conditions that we can’t even imagine having to deal with.

Pam and I came away from this meeting encouraged by just how strong and effective and loving the UUSC people are. Reverend Mary Katherine Morn, who is the President and CEO, is nothing short of inspirational and she is backed up by a staff that is strong in so many areas. You can be assured that any support you can send their way will be invested wisely and effectively.

Please make checks out to HUUC with GAYT in the memo line and mail to the church. And save those spare coins and bills to be collected in the fall when we can gather together once again.

Thank you for your support. It is times like this when that support is even more critical.

–Glen Frederick