Caring and Support During the Corona Virus

In recognition that we won’t be able to come together as a community for a while, and do our weekly check in during Sunday morning, an enhanced caring team thought it might be a good idea if we reached out to each other to check in to see how each of us are doing. We have randomly generated a list of pairings and one of us will be reaching out to you by email to let you know who your buddy is with their contact information. Can you please reach out to each other at intervals of time you and your buddy may find helpful? If you or your buddy are in need of additional support please let the caring committee know at and/or let Rev Jill know at or call her at 617-697-0922. And please let us know if you prefer to opt out of this buddy system.
Additional Support:

If you can offer additional support for those that might need help shopping or getting medicine you can fill out this google form.

And please check out this link to see the mutual aid our church community is offering one another:

Thank you for your help and your caring presence. Let one of us know if you have any questions or concerns.