Partner Church Potluck Brunch

On Sunday February 9th beginning at 11:15, please join us for a potluck brunch in our Fellowship hall! This is our annual gathering to celebrate, honor, and support our sister UU church, Magyarandrá-sfalva, Transylvania (Andreeni, Romania).

We have been partnered with our partner church in Andrasfalva Romania since 1993 when they were meeting in a schoolhouse. We have seen the building of the church, which is shared jointly with the reformed church, since 1995. It was dedicated in 99. It is a small church, only four square walls and pews. No bell. Or running water, and the minister lives in the next village, Avramesti. The minister is Istvan Berei. He and his wife Eniko have one teenage child, Tamas.


For ease of deciding what to bring here are some ideas to make you sing.

First third of alphabet: breads or before’s,
Second third of alphabet: salads, entrées, or encores,
Last third of alphabet: fruits, or cheese, or even s’mores.
At the back of the church ‘neath the Rumanian hat
Your’ll find the Hungarian recipes to make you skinny or fat! 🙂


Please sign up to lend a helping hand.