Glean Team Volunteers Needed

Are you looking for a volunteer activity that helps your fellow citizens but doesn’t take too much time? The Glean Team is a group of local residents who, six times a week (Monday – Saturday), deliver food from the Acton Roche Bros to three organizations helping people in need of food. The Team is loosely affiliated with the Harvard UU Church and has been in existence for close to ten years. The three organizations are Loaves & Fishes and Transitions, both in Devens, and Wheat in Clinton. It is a great activity, one is meeting a real need and the recipients are very appreciative. 
We are looking for more volunteers as we have recently lost a few members. Each delivery takes on average about 60 – 90 minutes. There are up to 10 boxes of produce and prepared foods that need to be carried out of the store and into your vehicle. The boxes weight up to 25 lbs . Volunteers go to the Acton Roche Bros around 10 AM, load their vehicle, make the delivery and you’re usually home by 11:30. The 10 AM pick up means most volunteers are retired or work from home. However, Saturday delivery is open to everyone. Students home for the summer are very welcome too. You can signup for as many or as few dates as you want. Once a week is a lot, once a month is fine.  If you are interested or even if just curious please contact me at
Bob Benson 
South Shaker Rd.