House Party for Freedom for All

The Welcoming Congregation Committee of First Parish UU Church of Chelmsford invites you to a House Party on Thursday, February 15, from 6-7:30 to learn more about how you might help Freedom for All Massachusetts prevent the repeal of the transgender-rights Public Accommodations Act. There will be pizza.

There is a dangerous statewide ballot question this November that would repeal our state’s transgender non-discrimination law. If passed, existing protections that ensure fair and equal treatment for our transgender neighbors, family, and friends would end. The existing law was passed in 2016 and protects transgender people against discrimination in such public places as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, homeless shelters, and transportation. There have been ZERO incidents of problems in the sharing of facilities since the passage of the bill.

A lot of people worked hard to see the bill passed but many around the state are still unaware that the repeal vote is happening this year, an off year that tends to draw less voters, so a lot of public education is necessary to prevent the repeal.

Please come to the party  and learn how you can help.

The church is located at 2 Westford Street on the Chelmsford Common. Parking is available in our lot and on Westford Street. There is also municipal parking nearby. The event is being held in the Vestry, the large room on the first floor, under the Sanctuary.

If you have any questions, please contact Dee Halack, dehfpcc@gmail.com978/459-1388.