Buildings & Grounds Party

Buildings & Grounds Party

Yes, we’re having a (B&G work) party at church! It was a very wet summer, and the weeds took full advantage of it. There is lots of cleaning up to do, but with many hands, it will be less work. So if you can help any time after 9 am on Saturday, Sept. 23, please stop by for whatever time you can give. We will be mostly pulling weeds, but also trimming foliage away from the buildings. So bring rakes, clippers, gloves, and maybe a tarp or two.. If you have expertise in pruning trees, that would be especially helpful!

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A note from Steve…

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome on Sunday! I truly enjoyed being part of the Water Communion service. Making music with you all is a real pleasure. Special thanks to the choir! It was also lovely to meet so many cool people. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but this feels like a perfect match. I can’t wait to share more music with you all. This is going to be a great year.

I love that bright, joy-filled Sanctuary full of smiling faces; the good vibes are palpable. And that piano is so very nice to play. I can tell HUUC is a very musical community. I’m feeling very lucky and grateful, and I’m looking forward to next Sunday. Thank you!

Your music director,


Religious Education

Religious Education

This Sunday, September 24 is an All Ages service.

We hope to see you!

Fidget toys and a quiet space will be provided as needed.

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For All Levels of Meditators

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Who we are

We are a liberal religious community of people of all ages who hold diverse theological beliefs. We come not only from Harvard, but also from many surrounding towns. We gather together "in the spirit of love," to worship, to learn, and to care for one another. We come together both to be comforted and accepted for who we are, and to be challenged to transform and grow as moral and spiritual persons.

We believe in the value of personal experience and reason, and use both as we explore the wisdom of the world's religious traditions, seeking to find and make meaning for ourselves. We celebrate and honor the prophetic words and deeds of many of those who've come before us, which call us to serve not only one another, but also those outside of our community. We long for a world that is fair and just and filled with compassion, and we work to make it so.

We welcome you! We'd love to have you join us on our journey!